Tim Lips

Tim Lips – Olympic Games in 2008 (Hong Kong), 2012 (London), and 2016 (Rio de Janeiro) Bayro (12 years old, OS Rio)

The Challenge

Gaining insight through innovative measurements during training sessions with the aim of measuring and improving the horses’ fitness. Until 2009, we trained the fitness of horses based on intuition. When the first measuring equipment became available, we wanted to know what possibilities this brought. For this, we enlisted the expertise of Dr. Carolien Munsters. To this day, she accompanies us with the physical condition of horses.

The Approach

The process always starts with a fitness test. Based on this test, Carolien determines the individual load of the horse and develops a suitable training schedule. Each horse is unique and has its own schedule. After each training session, we enter the measurements into an online environment. Twice a week, Carolien analyzes the training sessions and provides feedback. The strength of the collaboration is the open communication. We achieve the best results not only by executing the training program but by providing each other with additional insights. As a top athlete, I feel during riding what is happening with the horse. Apart from the measurements, this is very valuable information for Carolien. After a training session, I provide relevant additional findings so that she can incorporate them into the analyses of the training sessions and possibly adjust the training schedule further.

The Insight

The most important thing for me is knowing for sure that your horse is fit enough to perform well and responsibly in a competition. It gives confidence! By monitoring your horse and conducting measurements, you know better what is going on and how your horse feels. It is a great tool to gain extra insight. The data mostly confirm my feelings. But my intuition can sometimes be wrong. It holds up a mirror to me. This can sometimes be confronting, but necessary in our sport. For example, when the data confirm that it is not realistic to go to a championship now and expect to cross faultlessly within the time. Or it gives confidence, because you know that your horse is fit to compete.

The Result

The most important result of Carolien’s guidance is the peace of mind it gives me. The confidence that I go to a competition with a fit horse. The data provide an extra confirmation of my feelings, which is very valuable. This is the peace and confidence I seak to be able to perform optimally during major competitions, such as the Olympics, World and European Championships.

For more information on Tim Lips: www.timlips.nl