Research and companies

Workload and fitness of Warmblood sport horses

For Equine Integration the scientific substantiation of approaches is an important priority. It shows that a particular approach is proven effective or how further optimization is possible. In addition, Equine Integration tests product innovations commissioned by companies and hosts regular lectures on (inter) national conferences.

Scientific publications

In addition to her work for Equine Integration Sport Dr. Carolien Munsters is researcher at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, and embedded scientist (NOC * NSF) for equestrian sports in the Netherlands. In this line of work she does research into the workload and fitness of Warmblood sport horses. For example issues such as workload, fitness and injury risks in eventing horses, training of Friesian horses, the influence of swimming in thoroughbred race horses, workload and injury ratios at recreational and riding school horses, workload and stress in police horses, influence of air transport on the horse. The results of these studies are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Do you want to know more?

Scientific research

Carolien is a frequent guest-speaker at international conferences and reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals. In November 2018 she gave a presentation at the International congress of equine exercise physiology (ICEEP X), as well as in two former editions of this congress. She has also provided lectures at the Equine Health and Nutrition Congress, the ICEEP-midterm and the WVGP congress. This year Carolien will speak at the first ECVSMR congress (European College of Veterinary Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Cooperation with companies

Equestrian companies are in constant development. Product innovations appear on the market and existing products are developed further. To measure whether the products reach the desired results Equine Integration performs product evaluations, tests innovations and validates measuring equipment. Equine Integration also gives advice on the proper reporting and gives training to employees. Do you want to know more?