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Equine Integration supports and advises riders, coaches and trainers

Equine Integration caters to top athletes, amateur enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, veterinarians, and other specialists in the equestrian sports, both nationally and internationally. By conducting innovative measurements during training sessions and competitions, the physical condition of the horse is closely monitored. Based on the results, a tailored training regimen is devised with the aim of optimizing athletic performance in a responsible and healthy manner. Equine Integration was founded in 2021 by Carolien Munsters and Chris Sorensen as a continuation of Moxie Sport.

With Equine Integration, we have had the privilege of assisting numerous elite athletes in enhancing their training, well-being, and performance. Riders and trainers receive guidance on the physical training of their horses through fitness tests and specific training programs. Subsequently, the training sessions and competitions are monitored, analyzed, and evaluated with the riders, enabling them to refine their training approach. It remains a remarkable experience to contribute to events such as the Olympic Games in London, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and various European and world championships.

Furthermore, Equine Integration places great importance on transferring practical knowledge to other riders, trainers, and veterinarians. We continually expand our expertise by delving into the latest scientific literature in both human and equine medicine, and by conducting research. This is carried out on behalf of reputable institutions such as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and as embedded scientists in equestrian sports (NOC*NSF). Additionally, from Equine Integration, we offer various courses in sports physiology and provide training sessions and lectures. We hold various teaching qualifications and are registered as accredited CRKBO instructors. Moreover, some of our courses are accredited by renowned organizations such as the KNHS and the NVFD.

About Carolien Munsters

In 2010, I began Equine Integration with the intention of employing my expertise in sports physiology to enhance the training and performance of sport horses. With extensive experience as a rider, I have trained several young horses to the national level in dressage, show jumping, and eventing. I find it challenging to translate my experience and scientific knowledge into practical applications so that athletes and coaches can effectively utilize them. I completed my master’s degree in (medical) Biology at Radboud University in 2006. In 2013, I obtained my PhD in equine sports physiology from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Equine Science) at Utrecht University.




Over Chris Sorensen

Chris Sorensen is an internationally recognized competitor who also specializes in training high-performing students. His students aspire to compete at the highest level of the sport. In 2016, Chris became one of the first certified coaches at the High Performance 1 level in Canada. Additionally, he has served on the board of Equestrian Canada.

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