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Learn all about equine exercise physiology

Moxie Sports offers a variety of courses for riders, trainers and coaches, but also for veterinarians, (animal) physiotherapists and others that want to increase their knowledge in the field of sports physiology of horses. The program ranges from one-day courses to multi-day training sessions. It is even possible to do a part of the course online. Moxie Sport also offers tailor-made courses for companies, industry associations or specific target groups.

Equine exercise physiology

During this multi-day training course you learn all about the correct and efficient training of your horse. At the end you will know exactly which training principles exist and how to apply them in the best way possible. It is a hands-on course with a theoretical, scientific basis. Among other things, you will learn about the cardiovascular and respiratory system and the functioning of the muscles. You will apply this knowledge directly in the various cases, demonstrations and other practice assignments. You will also learn to interpret the data of heart rate measurements for various disciplines and process them into an optimal training program.

Basic course ‘Optimal training of your sport horse’

This one-day course introduces you to the basics of sports Physiology in horses. You will discover the differences between humans and horses and you learn how to put these new insights into practice. During the course we are going to work with some horse-rider combinations so you will experience how theory translates into daily training sessions. The basic course gives you a first insight into the world of exercise physiology and gives you, when desired, a nice preparation for the multi-day training. The course can also be given as an in-company training in a shorter format.

Online course ‘Optimal training of your sport horse’

It is also possible to participate online both for the basic course as well as for the multi-day training sport Physiology of the horse. The basic course is available in Dutch and soon in English and Spanish, the multi-day course (only the theorical part) will be available soon in English. You will determine the pace at which you go through the course. The advantage of online learning is that you can watch videos and exercises at your own pace. The courses are offered by online course Center Anivado in collaboration with Moxie Sport.

Customised courses

Commissioned by companies, industry associations or specific target groups Moxie Sport offers customised courses. Together we draw up a program that suits your field or discipline.
We like to think along with you! Moxie Sport has in the past given courses to veterinarians, grooms, dressage riders, eventers, animal physiotherapists and many other target groups.  Do you want to know more about the possibilities?