Sanne Voets

Sanne Voets, para dressage rider including Olympic Gold in Rio, 3x gold at the World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tryon.

The Challenge

An optimal preparation for the World Equestrian Games. First: ensure that Demantur would arrive fit and healthy, and well-prepared for the weather conditions there: high temperature and humidity.

The Approach

In August 2018, we started with a live fitness test using a heart rate monitor. On one hand, to assess Demantur’s baseline fitness, but also to investigate which exercises require more or less effort. Because Dr. Carolien Munsters analyzed the data while I was riding, we could see exactly what effect the different exercises had. For example, in gallop exercises like changes and half-passes, we barely saw a difference in heart rate, indicating that they require little effort. Sometimes you need those exercises anyway but we know now that in terms of strength and endurance building these excersises don’t make a real difference. When I switch a lot while trotting, the excercise is more usefull. These insights make my training much more effective. It makes my horse not only stronger, but also quite effective. Riding endless laps without force incentives increases the risk of injuries. Because of the measurements and the interpretation of the data I could train more aware and more efficient.

The Insight

Through a comprehensive fitness test, analysis, and targeted advice, you gain more insight into the effects of your training. In training, you want to make your horse stronger, but you also want to minimize the risk of overloading. So it’s important to know what you’re doing! I now know which parts of the training make Demantur stronger and which exercises do not. The process with Equine Integration has taught me to train better and more consciously. The knowledge we gained through measurement was a valuable addition to the advice from my trainer. Even after the championship, I ride with Carolien’s advice in mind.

The Result

In addition to optimizing the training, Carolien also advised me on various management factors. Her advise helped me prepare Demantur for the journey to Tryon and thus prevent transport disease. We were also well-prepared for the high temperatures and humidity during the World Equestrian Games. For example, we knew how to cool his body best.

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