Koosje Mulder

Koosje Mulders, Grand Prix dressage Horse Wim

The Challenge

After a serious surgery of my sport horse Wim, I wanted to gradually rebuild the training in a responsible manner. I wanted to know exactly what he could handle and whether certain exercises caused pain. Wim barely survived a colic attack caused by a tumor. He survived narrowly. The veterinarians couldn’t provide specific advice on rebuilding the training. I read in a magazine that a heart rate monitor could also map out pain, so I ended up at Equine Integration.

The Approach

The initial measurement, an extensive fitness test, indeed revealed that Wim experienced discomfort in his wound during specific movements. What I didn’t realize beforehand is that a fitness test provides much more valuable information. Dr. Carolien Munsters compiled a tailor-made training schedule based on the results. The schedule aimed to rebuild his condition and strength after the surgery. Where veterinarians were hesitant to provide advice, Carolien could, thanks to measurements. I value data that I can see and understand myself. Additionally, Carolien has a proper scientific literature background, so you are sure that the measurements are right.

The Insight

Within half a year, Wim was back in strength, and we competed in our first dressage competition at the Small Tour level. Without Carolien’s targeted advice, I would have struggled much longer. The measurements provided me with confirmation and confidence that Wim was ready for certain exercises and ultimately for his first competition after the surgery. I have learned a lot about my horses and how to optimize the training. I now have more insight into which exercises I can do to make my horse stronger. Carolien has a lot of experience with horses, and you can tell. She quickly and expertly draws the right conclusions from the measurement results.

The Result

After the rebuilding process and the first Small Tour competition, I continued the collaboration with Carolien. On a regular basis, she conducts fitness tests with Wim and my other horses by providing a targeted training advice. It helps me to improve the condition and strength of my horses. I appreciate having the certainty that Wim can handle competitions. In April 2017, he started Intermediare II, and half a year later, in October 2018, Grand Prix.