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Improve the performance of your sport horse by exercise testing and intensive monitoring of training sessions and competitions. Equine Integration analyses the different measurements and draws up a suitable advice. By optimizing training, measuring results and analysing competitions you will achieve better performances at top sport level.


Optimize the training of your horse with a tailor-made training program or advice. Due to targeted feedback, practical advice, condition tests and appropriate training programs you will know exactly how to improve your training sessions and thus your (competition) performance.


Equine Integration conducts scientific research on an appropriate training approach, tests product innovations for companies. As researcher at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, and embedded scientist (NOC * NSF) Dr. Carolien Munsters (PhD) committed doing research focused on workload, fitness and injuries in Warmblood sport of horses.


Increase your knowledge on equine exercise physiology and monitoring (sport) horses. Equine Integration offers education for riders, trainers and federations on several topics related to equine performance and welfare.  Also tailor made courses for companies or specific target groups are possible.

About eI – Equine Integration


Equine Integration supports and advises top athletes, passionate amateurs, coaches and trainers in by innovative measurements and monitoring systems. By translating scientific knowledge into practice, they help riders and coaches to improve their performance and welfare of humans and equines. Our vision is fully integrate equines in our future.

Founders of Equine Integration are Chris Sorensen and Carolien Munsters.

Chris Sorensen is an internationally established competitor, but he also specializes in training high performing students. Chris’ students have the desire to compete at the upper level of the sport. In 2016, Chris became one of Canada’s first-ever High Performance 1 level certified coaches. He also serves on the Equestrian Canada Board of Directors.

Carolien Munsters holds a PhD degree in equine exercise physiology. She has guided, among others, the Olympic Eventing team and was able to contribute to the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. Carolien also supports international riders in various disciplines to European and World Championships. In addition, Carolien is also active as a researcher at the Faculty of veterinary medicine (Utrecht university) and as an embedded scientist in the equestrian sport for the Dutch Olympic committee (NOC * NSF).




sport horses escorted to international championships


different equine disciplines


satisfied course participants

The knowledge we gained by measuring my Olympic horse was a valuable addition to the opinions of my trainer. Also after the Championship I ride with the Caroliens advise in the back of my head.

Sanne Voets - Olympic Paralympic dressage rider

The most important thing to me is the fact that you are sure that your horse is fit enough to responsibly compete in a race. It increases my confidence! By monitoring your horse and perform measurements you know what’s going on and how your horse is feeling.

Tim Lips - Olympic eventing rider

Due to these new insights I have improves and optimized the training of sport horses. The program has served me well, because I was able to decide how to train but was also equipped with  very valuable advice on the endurance of my horse.

Jarmilla Lakeman - Coach Dutch Endurance team

Without the pointed opinions of Carolien it would have taken me much longer. The measurements gave me the confirmation and the confidence that Wim was ready for certain exercises

Koosje Mulder - Grand Prix dressage rider

Very educational and applicable course in all disciplines and all levels. I was able to convert my humane knowledge to the concept of horse training.

Ruthi Damman - Physiotherapist

Inspirational course with important information to teach you how to reach optimal performance in a horse. Useful lessons, with a clear translation to daily practice!

Zoë Pasman - student veterinairy medicine

I found it all very interesting. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time! It has motivated me to want to learn much more about this. I found sad when the training was over. Very interesting and practical. In a clear but scientific way.

Astrid Hoppenbrouwers - Owner Sport Horse Health Plan

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